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My Story

My name is Linn Lowes, born and raised in Sweden, you know that little country in northern Europe that gave us ABBA, Spotify and Volvo *blink*.

I have been active more or less all my life. As we have a lot of snow during the winter in Sweden it was almost obvious to me to start snowboarding even though it was just a short period in my life. Around 2012/2013 I started to go the gym with one of my friends and I really love it.

Slowly I started to see that all the hard work starting to pay off and that the weights have shaped my body. I have always been skinny and had very hard times gaining weight so I was very happy about the results. The results made me more interested in health and wellness and I starting to realize how everything is connected; what you eat, how you train, how much you rest.

In 2014 my world turned up-side-down. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma which is a blood cancers diagnos.

I kicked its ass and I came back, skinnier and a weaker body, but that did not stop me. Here I am, stronger then ever and a lot of my energy and motivation comes from those who follow me.

I’ve always loved sharing my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle with others and therefore I decided to get my Personal Trainer License and I also took diet classes to be able to consult in Nutrition. After this I started my business by helping others take control of their life, health and happiness.

Today I work full time with my workout guides, social media and I’ve also been working on my baby Stacci Athletics for years in the background and it’s with joy in my voice I say that we will be releasing early 2021.

I sincerely hope you find my guides helpful, my team supportive and my activewear/equipment can’t-live-without!

Let’s do this, you and me.
There’s no time like now. 


Cancer 2014

During my cancer journey I lost a lot of weight and I desperately wanted to build myself back up after going through what was the most challenging I've ever experienced, body mind and soul.


Comback Story

We all have a story to tell, and a new beginning to walk - I would love to be with you during your fitness beginnings! Let's create magic!





Looking for help? Don't hesitate reaching out!

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