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  • 3 Days Per Week 

  • Dumbbells & Bands Needed

  • Focus: Full Body

  • Level: All

Posh Home Body

Welcome to Posh Home Body!  The home workout plan that will take your home training to the next level!


For 8 weeks you will be challenged with fun and efficient workouts as well as some outdoor cardio to keep your heart and joints health and happy!  3 days of at-home workout + 2 outdoor cardio sessions.


This plan is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. As the weeks goes on, the intensity increases!



  • 4 Days Per Week 

  • Resistance And Booty Band Needed 

  • Focus: Stay In Shape

  • Level: All

Can't Resist It

All you need to complete this 6-week plan is a long resistance band and a booty/loop band! That’s it! So what are you waiting for? No excuses!


This plan can be done at home or why not take your workout outdoors and invite a friend to join! Sharing is caring! The workout split you’ll be following is Upper/Lower Body split with some additional HIIT-exercises and Glute-Sets! You’ll work through your whole body twice per week which is optimal for keeping in shape! Every day include warm up and cool down (stretch).

Ps; Don’t forget that you can always add remove or replace an exercise that does not fit you using the 400+ exercises in the exercise library!

Summer Challenge.png


  • 4 days per week 

  • Dumbbells & Bands Needed

  • Focus: Tone & Tighten 

  • Level: All

Summer Challenge 2020

This 6-week challenge can be done in the comfort of your home, you just need a pair of dumbbells, a long resistance band and a booty band to join! 


Every summer Athli team does a Summer Challenge and the result has just been AMAZING! if you have not tried this challenge yet, jump on it - you're missing out! 

Let's go!!



  • 3 Days Per Week 

  • Resistance Band & Dumbbell Needed 

  • Focus: Booty

  • Level: All

Booty Bible

This is the plan you NEED to target that booty without leaving your home! The Booty Bible focusing solidly on glutes and is 6 weeks long but can be done 3-4 times at least! Start over, work harder, expect more results! 


I have built this plan with my personal formula that I use when creating gym booty plans so you never have to think about if you’re targeting your glutes from all angles or if you’re doing enough exercises and workouts per week.

The only thing YOU have to focus on is giving it you all, put in effort & enjoy the ride!


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