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All Workout Plans

If you subscribe to Athli, you will have access to ALL 16 different workout plans and the challenges. You can switch plan whenever you want and go back where you left off.


You will recive a meal-plan

that is 100% personal, based on your preferences such as diet category, likings and allergies.

Athli offers diets such as;

Anti-Inflammatory, Low Carbs, High Protein, Vegan, Vegatarian, Pescetarian, Immunity Boost, Paleo and Mediterranean Diet.


Share your workout with your friends after your workout.

The workout will be posted

on your profile screen and on the community wall.

Instant Workout

Let the Athli App create a Instant Workout. Perfect if you do not know what to workout

or if you are traveling with limited equipment.

Filter; Home or Gym, Time and Focus Area

Custom Workout

Create a workout for today and for tomorrow. Filter all the 400+ exercises by focus area and equipment!

This feature is amazing!

Step Tracker

This tool has a built in Google Maps integration where you can track your walk, jog or ride!

You can also set a distance goal to reach. There is also a history tab where you can see what you have done in the past. 

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